Where Can You Find a Qualified Child Support Lawyer?

For parents hoping to move on after a divorce, resolving custody disagreements is essential. These disputes are frequently settled through mediation or negotiation. When that isn’t feasible, though, a family court judge will decide what’s best for the children in question. The quantity and duration of child support payments are among the most significant issues decided in child custody proceedings. A Fort Worth child support lawyer in Texas at your side can make sure that the most advantageous financial arrangements are made for both sides.

No matter who gets primary physical custody, both parents in Texas and other states are required to meet their children’s financial requirements. In order to do this, the state has set certain rules that are applied for calculating child support obligations. These rules are determined by taking a portion of the net income of the paying parent. The custodial parent’s employment status or the parent’s other children from prior relationships are examples of additional factors the court may consider. Click here to contact the #1 Family Attorney in Fort Worth, TX.

In Texas, there isn’t a set minimum amount for child support; nonetheless, the courts usually mandate a payment that provides for necessities including clothing, food, housing, and utilities. Other costs related to education, extracurricular activities, and child care may also be taken into account. In addition, the court may reduce the amount of child support or mandate further job-finding efforts from the supporting parent if they are unable to work as a result of illness or disability.

Although the rules establish mandatory criteria, an experienced child support attorney can go over these with you and make any arguments for modifications or exceptions that will improve your circumstances. The Decker Law Firm can assist you in achieving a just and advantageous child support agreement by offering you legal advice, negotiating on your behalf, and representing you in court as needed.

It is frequently desirable for both parties to come to their own agreement on child support arrangements before a judge makes a decision on their behalf, depending on the circumstances. Our team can help you and your spouse through collaborative law or mediation to arrive at a settlement that works for both of you. If, on the other hand, none of these solutions work for you, we can vigorously defend you in a contested hearing before a family court judge.

In most cases, a judge’s decision regarding child support is final. The court will only modify the terms of an existing child support arrangement in extremely exceptional circumstances. Should there be a major change in the parents’ circumstances, such as a job loss, a change in custody, or an international transfer, our Fort Worth family law attorneys can assist you in pursuing a modification. Get in touch with us to arrange a free consultation with our committed DFW child support lawyers. Our office is in Fort Worth, and we service clients in the D/FW metro area as a whole.

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