Street-Smart Marketing: How Signages Elevate Your Advertising Gam


Whether used strategically or as a marketing tool, retail signage is one of the most effective forms of advertising. Signage helps businesses stand out from the competition and reaches customers that traditional media can’t. It’s no wonder that Small Business Connect shares studies indicating that as many as 45% of first-time customers visit a new business because of its attractive signage.

The flexibility of digital signage allows for easy updates and dynamic visuals that grab attention and create a memorable experience. Whether showcasing the latest sales or promotions, or educating customers on new products and services, dynamic digital displays deliver a message that can’t be ignored.

Malls can leverage digital signage to maximize the impact of their ad campaigns through targeted messaging that addresses specific demographics, interests, location, time of day, and other conditions that affect advertising effectiveness. This approach ensures that ad spend is spent wisely and maximizes return on investment.

Dynamic digital signage offers a variety of interactive experiences that engage customers on a deeper level. For example, fashion brands like Uniqlo and H&M experiment with “magic mirrors” that use camera-equipped digital displays to allow shoppers to mix and match outfits to see how they look and fit. This type of personalized interaction establishes a connection between brand and customer, which helps build loyalty and trust.

Retailers can also use digital displays to provide in-store or online ordering and pickup options for customers who shop their e-commerce site, such as Doodle, using a BOPIS model. A recent survey found that 15% of BOPIS shoppers purchase additional items in store while picking up their order, so a retail display showing all the online options available to them in your brick-and-mortar store can boost your bottom line.

Digital signs can also serve as a way for companies to communicate with employees. Notifications about company changes, upcoming events, or recognition for high-quality work can be easily updated on screens around the workplace to keep employees informed and engaged.

Similarly, restaurants can display menu changes and specials on their digital displays to alert guests about new or changing options. This type of up-to-the-minute communication can increase customer satisfaction and show that the restaurant is invested in its community.

Having up-to-the-minute, relevant information is important to your customers. A simple time, date, and weather display on your digital sign can help customers plan their visit and give them confidence in the brand’s knowledge of the area and the season. And, if your store is temporarily out of a popular product, a quick announcement via a digital sign lets customers know you care about them and are working to get it back.

A quality sign that reflects positively on your company can go a long way in boosting your customer base and building brand awareness. So, if you’re looking for a way to enhance your customer experience and grow your business, consider investing in some high-quality signage today. Contact a sign shop in Corpus Christi to learn more about the different types of signage we offer and to view our gallery of completed projects.

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