How Printed Promotions Captivate and Convert Customers

Despite the ubiquity of digital marketing, the old-school print approach is still an effective way to convert customers. In fact, according to a study from Penn State University, consumers remember direct printed mail advertisements more easily than they do electronic ones. Moreover, the simple act of holding and reading a physical piece of content builds credibility and engenders trust in your brand.

For example, consider a purveyor of fine foods that publishes a magazine filled with tasty recipes and helpful tips on cooking. Because they produce quality content, consumers look up to them and respect their advice. As a result, they can use this information to influence their purchasing decisions.

Nonprofits are also in a unique position to use printed promotions to attract and engage potential donors. They can create a QR Code that is linked to their PayPal account, allowing people to scan it with their mobile device and make a donation. This is a much more cost-effective option than relying on paid ads to acquire social media followers.

Another way to use print marketing is by creating multisensory collateral. This can be as simple as including different aromas or sounds in the mailshot. Research shows that people form more meaningful connections with brands when they stimulate multiple senses. This can lead to higher conversion rates.

In addition, a nonprofit can use its print collateral to promote its social mission and build trust with the community. This is an important part of its branding, and it can be used to drive traffic to its website and generate more leads.

For example, a charity could print posters and leaflets that encourage people to visit its website and share its message on social media. It could also offer incentives such as discounts on its products, free shipping, and other benefits to entice people to buy.

When it comes to converting customers, every business wants to increase its conversion rate. However, it is often challenging to achieve this goal without spending a lot of money on paid advertising and influencers.

Fortunately, there are many low-cost methods to increase online sales that can help you improve your print-on-demand store’s conversion rate. One of these methods is organic marketing, which involves using various tactics to increase traffic to your website without spending a lot of money. This article will discuss how to use these organic marketing techniques to your advantage.

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